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Super Cops III (Bad Boys for Life, 2020)

Who wasted a perfect title for a fourth film???? Seriously people… Bad Boys 4 Life. Seventeen years after the last film, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back. A little older, a bit…um…thicker…but they are back. Burnett is desperate to retire and spend time… Continue Reading “Super Cops III (Bad Boys for Life, 2020)”

Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)

The Boys are back. The bickering couple stuff returns.  The hot babes as props returns.  The Gay subtext of the relationship of Lowrey and Burnett is here again. The fast and confusing visuals are back. Honestly, I found the second Bad Boys film painfully… Continue Reading “Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)”

Super Cops (Bad Boys, 1995)

In 1995 Will Smith was still primarily known as the Fresh Prince (with a lot of acclaim for his role in Six Degrees of Separation) and Martin Lawrence was riding high with a successful sitcom, stand-up and supporting roles in film. And Michael Bay?… Continue Reading “Super Cops (Bad Boys, 1995)”

Two For the Price of One (Gemini Man, 2019)

Henry Brogan is the best sniper there is. He has spent his life  shooting terrorists and those who help them.  But when he retires, he discovers that his most recent target may have been an innocent man, and retiring from the top secret government… Continue Reading “Two For the Price of One (Gemini Man, 2019)”

The Past, Present and Future of the DC Cinematic Universe Part 5

A quick run through of Suicide Squad and a look at the shining high point of the DC Cinematic Universe. All DC Characters, footage and Art © 2018 Warner Brothers All Marvel Content © 2018 Marvel Comics Group Part 1- https://youtu.be/D2zovFL1QgQ Part 2- https://youtu.be/oy51WH3O86o… Continue Reading “The Past, Present and Future of the DC Cinematic Universe Part 5”

Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)

Netflix has been focusing hard on original material over the past few years, especially now as they face the future of no Disney films.  Bright is their first foray into high concept, high budget action fantasy. They brought together notorious Internet personality Max Landis… Continue Reading “Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)”

Suicidal Tendencies (Suicide Squad, 2016)

After the cool reception to Batman V Superman from critics and fans alike (It has it’s supporters) DC and Warner Brother started providing hype for Suicide Squad to divert attention.  Set to classic hard rock music the trailers screamed “This will be fun and… Continue Reading “Suicidal Tendencies (Suicide Squad, 2016)”

Taking Our Planet Back (Independence Day, 1996)

24 Year old Me Reviews Independence Day: OMG!  That was awesome!  Cool Effects, funny quips.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum was great!  Bill Pullman plays the Version of a Democratic President Dean Devlina and Roland Emmerich wish Clinton was!  Cool movie!  Everyone should see… Continue Reading “Taking Our Planet Back (Independence Day, 1996)”