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Boldly Going Pt 10 (Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002)

So, after the disappointing returns the studio brought in the director of Executive Decision, Stuart Baird, and John Logan, the screen writer of the Time Machine. The Romulans are in turmoil and during a high level meeting of their government, there is an assassination… Continue Reading “Boldly Going Pt 10 (Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002)”

Manic Monday (Venom, 2018)

Before Sony worked out a deal with Marvel Studios to bring Peter Parker into the MCU, they had planned a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe. This included a Sinister Six film, Black Cat and Venom. But the Marvel Deal does not include any of those ideas…and… Continue Reading “Manic Monday (Venom, 2018)”

Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)

The Nazi’s are on the march across Europe.  In the French city of Dunkirk, the Allies have been beaten back.  The British and the French are trying to get out before they are overtaken by the Nazi armies. The British are waiting for ships… Continue Reading “Hope in Retreat (Dunkirk, 2017)”

Rage Against the Machine (The Dark Knight Rises,2012)

It was becoming clear that Nolan was planning to form a trilogy.  The Dark Knight ended with Batman on the run, taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s death.  It suggested Batman would be hiding in the shadows in his fight against crime. There were… Continue Reading “Rage Against the Machine (The Dark Knight Rises,2012)”

Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Revenant, 2015)

Revenant: Definition one, a person who returns.  Definition two, a person who returns as a spirit or ghost.  The film works on both those levels.  Going in, based on early word and promotions, this may have struck you as a revenge movie with Leonardo… Continue Reading “Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Revenant, 2015)”

Locked In (Locke, 2014)

So, if you told me a movie about a guy in a car trying to get a cement foundation poured within the next twenty four hours would be a super compelling watch?  I would have walked away thinking you were nuts. And yet, somehow,… Continue Reading “Locked In (Locke, 2014)”

Drive Mad (Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015)

The Mad Max franchise went quiet after 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  That film fell a bit short of the Road Warrior, the film that we tend to mostly recall when we think of the Mad Max franchise.  Talk began as far back 2003,… Continue Reading “Drive Mad (Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015)”