Tripping Through Gateways


Being set in sixteenth century Japan, some might question including this film in my series on westerns.  But having run through the Magnificent Seven films, not looking at the film that inspired them, that created one of the most memorable western motifs seemed downright criminal. A small mountain village is being raided by bandits and after they leave, the town sends out a party to find help. They find Kambei, an older… Read More

Filmmakers wanted to bring Godzilla to American audiences, and what they thought Godzilla needed was a white guy’s perspective.  Godzilla: King of Monsters was not so much a remake as it was a revision of the original film.  Adding footage of Raymond Burr, the film becomes a narrated flash black. Opening in the wake of Godzilla’s attack, Burr’s American journalist Steve Martin starts to recount the destruction.  The story is basically the… Read More

In 1954 with fears of nuclear annihilation feeding filmmakers hearts, it is no surprise Japan provided the most memorable monster of all. The film begins with a series of mysterious freighter accidents.  As attempts to determine the cause turn up no answers, an unseen threat is creeping towards Tokyo.  This is, of course, our titular monster.  Godzilla makes land and starts to terrorize the locals. A lot is made of what Godzilla… Read More