Tripping Through Gateways


  Back in 2006, Adam Green made a splash within the horror genre with a throwback to 80’s slasher films called Hatchet.  The story of a group of folks on a Louisiana swamp tour who run afoul of the local legend Victor Crawley. The legend went that the poor young deformed Victor lived with his father.  One night a group of kids tried to scare Victor, only to set the house on… Read More

Let’s be real honest.  The movie Love in the Time of Monsters could have been terrible.  it has some qualities that could totally ruin it.  Especially the effects.  the monsters never look that great.  The bigfoot monster looks like the original Planet of the Apes (with log luxurious hair).  There is a mutant monster moose that looks entirely unfinished. And yet? The movie is a lot of fun.  The story, while not… Read More

Ahhhh…the mock documentary.  A branch of the horror found footage genre that seems to have an endless supply.  On rare occasion, more familiar names from the industry get the itch to make them. And so, Adam Green (Frozen, the Hatchet franchise) assembled Digging Up the Marrow. The film follows Green as he and his cameraman Will Barratt prepare to make a documentary on real monsters hiding in our world.  They are inspired… Read More

Muck opens with a group of friends who just survived an attack on St. Patrick’s Day in a marsh.  They apparently got separated in the chaos, but they came together again and hole up and a random vacation home.  Once there characters go off for help, others stay and wait.  They discover they are not alone, and the carnage begins. The film is only about an hour and a half, and yet,… Read More

Pretty much ignoring Jason Goes to Hell, Jim Isaac (director) and Todd Farmer (writer) give us Jason’s first (and to date only) trip to space.  Eat your heart out Neil Armstrong. Granted, both the Leprechaun and Pinhead (from the Hellraiser films) had already gone into space about five years before, so it is not a wholly original idea. The film begins with a top secret military base below Camp Crystal Lake (!)… Read More

Yep. Jason Takes Manhattan. Again, Kane Hodder makes Jason very entertaining to watch. Anyways, the movie starts on the Streets of Manhattan where a voice talks about the gritty city…eventually, after the credits are over we get to Crystal Lake and a small houseboat on which two high school seniors are getting it on. The anchor drags along the bottom and picks up a powerline. Juice jumps to the body of Jason,… Read More

There was only one year the entire decade without a Friday the 13th movie released.  1987.  But 1988 sure fixed that problem!  Well, I gotta give them points for trying something a little different. Instead of a bunch of teen victims with nothing to help them, we get a girl with telekinetic powers. The story opens with a backstory, in case this is your first Friday. And old man tells us that… Read More