Tripping Through Gateways


Teddy and Kate grew up in a happy home with joyful parents and a truly festive father. Through a series of home videos we meet the family, first Doug and Claire, then Teddy and soon Kate. But by the time we reach the present, the happy family is in a different state…Claire is a nurse struggling to keep her fraying home life together at all. Doug is nowhere to be seen and… Read More

Cole is in Junior High. Almost everyone picks on him and seem determined to make his life hell.  His two lights in the darkness? His friend Melanie and his Babysitter.  Bee is the toughest, funniest, sexiest and all around coolest girl in school.  She also stands up for Cole and is able to interact with him on his geeky level. One night, he sneaks out of his room to spy on Bee… Read More