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The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)

Jesper has lived a life of luxury and privilege. His father has gotten him into the prestigious academy he runs for mail service. In a last and desperate move to teach his son responsibility, he assigns Jesper to a remote island in the arctic… Continue Reading “The Gift of Serving Yourself (Klaus, 2019)”

Social Justice Warriors (Justice League, 2017)

When it comes to the movies?  DC has been struggling to  keep up with Marvel.  Part of this is really that DC did not lay out a plan from the start. While Marvel Released films with an aim toward the Avengers, DC was trying… Continue Reading “Social Justice Warriors (Justice League, 2017)”

The Process in Chaos (Patriots Day, 2017)

Peter Berg’s Patriots day is one of those films where going in, it may feel a bit like a “Rah Rah America!” exercise in propaganda.  And while, to a certain extent, it may very well be, it is also one of Berg’s better efforts.… Continue Reading “The Process in Chaos (Patriots Day, 2017)”

Stretching the Web (Spider-Man 3, 2007)

The Spider-Man franchise is one of the first super-hero films to feature it’s entire series with the singular vision of a specific director.  Raimi did a good job with the first one and a spectacular job with the second film.  It still stands as… Continue Reading “Stretching the Web (Spider-Man 3, 2007)”

On a Swing And a Prayer (Spider-Man 2, 2004)

Seriously…not the Amazing Spider-Man?  Not Spectacular Spider-Man?!  Despite the blandly titled Spider-Man 2…I sensed a trend for Marvel Movies. The nice thing for the creative team was that they were not saddled with telling the origin story.  Instead, they were free to jump right… Continue Reading “On a Swing And a Prayer (Spider-Man 2, 2004)”

Look Out! Here Comes… (Spider-Man (2002)

The anticipation for a James Cameron Spider-Man went from drool to ridicule after Titanic.  Some were fearful he would use Leonardo DiCaprio (and while he is a pretty guy, I think he would have found a way to be a convincing Peter Parker-the guy… Continue Reading “Look Out! Here Comes… (Spider-Man (2002)”

It Gets Old (3 Geezers, 2013)

3 Geezers has the following synopsis: Follow actor J Kimball as he researches what it’s like to be old for a role in an upcoming movie. When he meets the residents at The Coconuts convalescent home, he quickly discovers that his perceptions of the… Continue Reading “It Gets Old (3 Geezers, 2013)”

It Begins Again…And Again And Again… (Terminator Genisys)

My short reaction to the newest Terminator film is that I did enjoy it. It had some good jokes, Arnold’s aged Terminator was a fun take, while feeling familiar. I thought Emilia Clarke did pretty well taking over for Linda Hamilton. Plus J.K. Simmons!… Continue Reading “It Begins Again…And Again And Again… (Terminator Genisys)”