Look Out In the Snow! (Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell, 2018)

tremors_cold_day_in_hell_cover.jpgBurt Gummer is back in the desolate town of Perfection. He is having tax problems, so when he is contacted by the daughter of Val and Rhonda (Kevin Bacon and Finn Carter’s characters from the first film) because their remote Alaskan research base is under Graboid attack, he and his Son Travis run off.

It all has everyone perplexed, as there seems to be no explanation for the Graboids to be so far north. Gummer starts to piece it all together when they discover a nearby Area 51 style base. But the Graboids start gobbling people up and the two groups have to team up to try and survive.

I have noted in the past I found it kind of interesting how the films migrated across time to focus on survivalist Burt Gummer as the hero.  The fifth film introduced his previously unknown son Travis and beefed up the graboids in size and appearance.  They also became more agile.

Gross seems to enjoy  the role, though it may simply be that at this point he has the core of the character down.  Kennedy’s Travis can grate on the nerves a bit, but there are several like-able characters, making it easy to avoid just rooting for the graboids to eat everyone.

The move in the fifth film to make more use of digital graboids (though, there are still practical monsters for some scenes) is less jarring than it could be.  For the most part, the digital monster look pretty decent.

As someone who enjoys the Tremors series, I found this to be a passable, even fun sequel.

Look Out In Africa! (Tremors 5: Bloodlines, 2015)

tremors-5The Director of next year’s Kindergarten Cop 2 (Starring Dolph Lundgren!) brings us the newest installment.  Returning Burt Gummer to the front lines, he gets talked into going a South African Wildlife Reserve by his new cameraman Travis (Jamie Kennedy).

Hijinks ensue.

The film opts to not create a new cycle in the life of the graboid, instead we find that the graboids of the continent of Africa are quite different from the northern hemisphere brand the series has focused on so far.  They appear bigger, yet sleeker.  The “Ass Blasters” have oval mouths that are filled sharp teeth and larger wing/arms.

Gummer and Travis are aided by the vet Dr. Nandi Montabu (Pearl Thusi) and her staff in dealing with the new graboid threat.  They run into various complications, both human and graboid.

Overall, I enjoyed this more than I expected to.  Gross and Kennedy have a decent connection as two guys rather irritated by each other.  The film has many fun homages to classic horror and sci-fi.  This is not a great film, by any means.  But it was a decent diversion.

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