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The Devil You Know (The Devil’s Advocate, 1997)

Kevin Lomax is a hotshot lawyer in a small Florida town. He has never lost a cost, until it seems, he finds himself unable to defend a school teacher accused of molesting young girls. He manages to undermine and humiliate the accuser and win… Continue Reading “The Devil You Know (The Devil’s Advocate, 1997)”

Social Justice Warriors (Justice League, 2017)

When it comes to the movies?  DC has been struggling to  keep up with Marvel.  Part of this is really that DC did not lay out a plan from the start. While Marvel Released films with an aim toward the Avengers, DC was trying… Continue Reading “Social Justice Warriors (Justice League, 2017)”

Love is the Weapon (Wonder Woman, 2017)

There has been a lot of hype declaring that Wonder Woman is the best of the DC movies so far.  But that is not fair to the film.  Wonder Woman only had to be mediocre to rise to the top.  Wonder Woman is a… Continue Reading “Love is the Weapon (Wonder Woman, 2017)”