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Culture Wrath (Wrath of the Titans, 2012)

Wrath of the Titans tries to rectify the one thing missing from Clash of the Titans.  Titans.  In the original Clash, the Kraken was a Titan, but in the 2010 film, this was a bit clear.  Wrath opens with the story of how Zeus,… Continue Reading “Culture Wrath (Wrath of the Titans, 2012)”

Modern Culture Clash (Clash of the Titans, 2010)

The new millennium brought a renewed interest in Greek mythology based films.  This, of course, meant that a remake of Clash of the Titans was probably inevitable. The modern take is…well, different.  Here, Zeus is angered by King Acrisius and to punish him, he seduces… Continue Reading “Modern Culture Clash (Clash of the Titans, 2010)”

Culture Clash (Clash of the Titans, 1981)

Greek myths are some of the original action stories.  Filled with god, heroes, and monsters, they still capture the imagination thousands of years after their originators have passed. In 1981 we got one of the most memorable of the “recent” forays into Greek storytelling.… Continue Reading “Culture Clash (Clash of the Titans, 1981)”

Flights of Fantasy

Well, October has come to a close and now we begin with a new month.  November will be dedicated to…the films of fantasy! Greek myths! Magical pirates! Wizards! Boy Wizards! Dragons! Warriors! We will look at films such as the Lord of the Rings, Harry… Continue Reading “Flights of Fantasy”