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Higher, Further, Faster (Captain Marvel, 2019)

Set in the 1995, Vers is a Kree warrior.  She struggles with no memory of her life past six years.  The Kree are in a war with the shape shifting Skrulls. Vers and a few Skrulls end up on earth, and Vers is in… Continue Reading “Higher, Further, Faster (Captain Marvel, 2019)”

When It All Goes Wrong (Free Fire, 2016)

Ord and Justine have brokered a black market arms deal with Chris and Frank.  Just as the deal seems done, a beef between two of their henchmen breaks out that results in a shootout.  An hour long shootout. And then things get bad. I… Continue Reading “When It All Goes Wrong (Free Fire, 2016)”

Might As Well Jump (21 Jump Street, 2012)

A trend began in the early 2000’s of making movies based on dramatic action shows from the 70’s and 80’s, but treating them as a joke.  This has had…decidedly mixed results. 21 Jump Street was part of the line-up of a upstart new network… Continue Reading “Might As Well Jump (21 Jump Street, 2012)”

The Bigger They Come (Kong: Skull Island, 2017)

King Kong and variations on the Giant Ape concept are older than even Godzilla.  Kong: Skull Island has opted to not re-tell the story of King Kong.  Instead, this is a new story.  Not new in the sense of it completely new territory.  You… Continue Reading “The Bigger They Come (Kong: Skull Island, 2017)”