Tag: Black Christmas

Slash the Patriarchy (Black Christmas, 2019)

Welcome to Christmas time at Hawthorne College. As people are getting ready to leave for break, sorority girls are disappearing. Riley is in her senior year and trying to still come to terms with being raped by a popular frat boy years earlier. She… Continue Reading “Slash the Patriarchy (Black Christmas, 2019)”

Confusing Christmastime (Black Christmas, 2006)

This movie is why people hate horror remakes. Seriously, they tossed out the things that work and add in…uh, a backstory.  One of the most unnecessary back stories ever.  See, now the sorority house is Billy’s old house, and that is why Billy came… Continue Reading “Confusing Christmastime (Black Christmas, 2006)”

Christmas Darkness (Black Christmas, 1974)

Halloween is often cited as the father of the slasher genre.  But three years prior was Bob Clark’s Black Christmas.  If you are wondering why the name Bob Clark might sound familiar, there is a reason.  For about a decade, for 24 hours every… Continue Reading “Christmas Darkness (Black Christmas, 1974)”