Tripping Through Gateways


Okay….before I write up this review…give me a moment to go check out Twitter to find out how I should really feel about Deadpool.           Okay.  Well… let us try this as spoiler free as possible.  First, I cannot believe they killed Professor X twice in the film. Oops.  Boy off to a bad start.  Let’s try this again.  Deadpool 2 is a sequel to a film from… Read More

When I heard they were making an “It” movie…I thought this would be a bad idea.  It is a decent sized novel.  Steven King horror novels have a pretty painful track record on film. and tended to find more success in the genre of the TV Mini-series.  And we already had an It mini-series back in 1990.  Tim Curry pretty much defined the look of Pennywise in that series. So, to say… Read More