Heart Breaker (Split Second, 1992)

In the Distant Future of…uh…2008… global climate change is causing environmental upheaval. In London, it has rained continuously for weeks, causing the streets to be flooded.

Rutger Hauer plays tough cop Harley Stone. When he has to deal with a new killer who mutilates their victims, he is forced to work with a rookie cop Dick Durkin.

As they try and track the killer down to end their reign of terror, the two discover that the killer may not be human at all. Things get worse as the killer seems to target Stone and his girlfriend Michelle.

This is a bit of a Predator knock off. The creature has the ability to mask itself and is a hunter. The writer does add some motives tied to astrology. The London setting is really effective though, with the characters constantly dealing with running through darkness and flooded streets.

Rutger Haur is playing a fairly stock character here, as he is the “Cop Who Operates By His Own Rules”. I also appreciate that the filmmakers allow Cattrall’s Michelle to be a part of the fight at the end, rather than just be the damsel in distress that needs to be saved.

Split Second is not particularly original, but I do find it a fun watch.

Cropsey’s Revenge (The Burning, 1981)

The_Burning_PosterInspired by the urban legend of Cropsey, the Burning begins at a summer camp. A group of boys pull a prank on the camp janitor which goes tragically awry. Severely burned he undergoes multiple failed attempts to restore his face and body.  Driven mad he returns to the camp grounds to mete out his revenge.

Truthfully, for most viewers today, the Burning probably seems like just another slasher.  And, to be fair, it does not bring anything new to the genre. It came along right at the beginning of the 80’s slasher craze.

But part of what makes the Burning stand out is that it is an early Tom Savini gore fest.  He picked the Burning over the sequel to Friday the 13th, and the Burning definitely wins here.  Savini’s effects are gruesome and the look of Cropsey is memorable.

Another bit of fun trivia relates to the cast.  Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander and Fischer Stevens all made their feature film debut and the music is composed by Rick Wakeman of Yes.

The Burning is a fun old school slasher.  It does not have any real surprises, like Sleepaway Camp, but it works pretty well and has some crazy moments as Cropsey works his way through the campers.

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