Tripping Through Gateways


Wyatt Earp arrives with his wife Mattie in the town of Tombstone during the silver boom.  He meets with his brothers Virgil and Morgan and their wives.  Shortly after taking over work in the local saloon running the poker table, his friend Doc Holliday shows up. The town has an uneasy relationship with the gang known as the Cowboys.  Things escalate when Cowboy leader Curly Bill shoots the Sheriff Fred White.  As… Read More

A lot of People discovered Terry O’Quinn on lost.  But horror movie fans discovered him back in 1987 when he played Jerry Blake, the titular Stepfather. The film opens with a heavily bearded O’Quinn looking into a mirror.  As he shaves and styles his hair, nothing seems terribly off, until he walks down the stairs, passing a scene of brutal carnage.  A mother and her children lie in the living room as… Read More