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Fast and Furious (The Quick and the Dead, 1995)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…a mysterious drifter comes to town with a purpose only known to her. Ellen wanders into a small town ruled by Herod.  Every year, Herod holds a quick draw competition.  Gunfighters from all over come to show off… Continue Reading “Fast and Furious (The Quick and the Dead, 1995)”

Swing High (Spider-Man: Homecoming, 2017)

Spider-Man has the distinction of having been rebooted three times in the last fifteen years.  Both the Raimi Films and the Marc Webb films have good points.  Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is a high point for super-hero themed films.  But they also never quite fully… Continue Reading “Swing High (Spider-Man: Homecoming, 2017)”

Lost to An Alternate Universe?

So, the day Sony and Disney drop the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer (which was met with a pretty positive response) producer Amy Pascal drops the bomb. One of the things that I think is so amazing about this experience is that you don’t have… Continue Reading “Lost to An Alternate Universe?”

Crypt Keepin’ Carpenter (Body Bags, 1993)

An attempt by Showtime to create a Horror Anthology to compete with HBO’s Tales From the Crypt, Body Bags both starred and featured direction from John Carpenter.  Showtime killed the series but released the three shorts set against bookend segments hosted by Carpenter as… Continue Reading “Crypt Keepin’ Carpenter (Body Bags, 1993)”

Stretching the Web (Spider-Man 3, 2007)

The Spider-Man franchise is one of the first super-hero films to feature it’s entire series with the singular vision of a specific director.  Raimi did a good job with the first one and a spectacular job with the second film.  It still stands as… Continue Reading “Stretching the Web (Spider-Man 3, 2007)”

On a Swing And a Prayer (Spider-Man 2, 2004)

Seriously…not the Amazing Spider-Man?  Not Spectacular Spider-Man?!  Despite the blandly titled Spider-Man 2…I sensed a trend for Marvel Movies. The nice thing for the creative team was that they were not saddled with telling the origin story.  Instead, they were free to jump right… Continue Reading “On a Swing And a Prayer (Spider-Man 2, 2004)”

Look Out! Here Comes… (Spider-Man (2002)

The anticipation for a James Cameron Spider-Man went from drool to ridicule after Titanic.  Some were fearful he would use Leonardo DiCaprio (and while he is a pretty guy, I think he would have found a way to be a convincing Peter Parker-the guy… Continue Reading “Look Out! Here Comes… (Spider-Man (2002)”

Hardly a Drag (Drag Me to Hell, 2009)

Twenty some years ago Sam Raimi made an impression on the film world with a low budget horror film called the Evil Dead.  Now a cult classic, he turned his skills to the big leagues with some varied success in the Spider-Man franchise.  For… Continue Reading “Hardly a Drag (Drag Me to Hell, 2009)”

It Gets Old (3 Geezers, 2013)

3 Geezers has the following synopsis: Follow actor J Kimball as he researches what it’s like to be old for a role in an upcoming movie. When he meets the residents at The Coconuts convalescent home, he quickly discovers that his perceptions of the… Continue Reading “It Gets Old (3 Geezers, 2013)”