Never Sleep Again (The Nightmare, 2015)

The_Nightmare_PosterNever Sleep Again is focused on the condition known as Sleep Paralysis.  People afflicted by it describe the terrifying experience of being visited by specters while being unable to move. Some reference aliens, others demons and some, simply dark and ominous men.

It is a waking state of sleep, where they are aware of their surroundings, but powerless to change or protect themselves.

Through interviews and recreations, the viewer is taken through a world of fear.  And the recreations are very creepy and even outright scary.  It is hard to not be drawn in…and then?

Well, the end just kind of unravels.  There is no real discussion as to what might be causing these experiences. We hear the first hand accounts, and see representations of what it must be like…but we are not treated too much in the way of medical theories or possible cures.  Well, except one. A few people talk about prayer to God…but little else in the way of research or medicinal break through.

So, while this is a really engaging view for most of it’s run time, it feels kind of empty when you get to the end.

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