The Lost Broadcast (The Last Broadcast, 1998)

Last_Broadcast_CoverTwo guys who have a cable access show devoted to the paranormal hire a third party for their planned investigation into the veracity of the legend of the Jersey Devil…but only one of the three returned and he was put on trial for the murder of the other two.

The Last Broadcast is the Documentary that seeks to find the truth, believing it possible that the man found guilty of the murder of the other two men may be innocent…and the filmmakers may be on the verge of discovering the true killer.

While mock documentaries are nothing new, they were a rarity for horror in the 1990s. They were mostly the domain of Christopher Guest and comedy. The Last Broadcast plays itself serious for the entire film.  It is interesting to watch it unfold if you can find it.

Remember how I mentioned Kolobos get steamrolled by the Blair Witch Project? Weeeeell… The Last Broadcast was made at about the same time as the Blair Witch, but it actually came out first. Maybe if it had come out a year or two later it could have ridden the wave.  Instead it became largely forgotten.

My only big criticism with the film is upon revealing a twist to the story, it just drops the documentary format entirely for conventional movie story telling.  And this fails to make much sense.  But otherwise, this is a bit of a lost gem.

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