Tripping Through Gateways


Apparently, the one thing that could kill the shark was this film.  Opening up shortly before Christmas, we find Sean Brody is now working for the Amity police.  He lives with his mother (a returning Lorraine Gary).  He is called out to take care of a log floating in the bay.  As he tries to get the log, a large great white shark attacks Sean. Mike comes home to be with his… Read More

Alex Rogan is stuck in a dead end life.  He, his mom and little brother live in a run down trailer park.  He wants to take his girl friend Maggie and get out…but the options seem to be dwindling.  His main outlet for his frustrations is a video game called Starfighter. This leads to the most excitement the park has seen when Alex beats the game…but then it is back to real… Read More

Halloween 2 is guilty of kicking off a lot of horror sequel trends. You remember that kid Randy from the Scream movies? The one who explained all the rules of the slasher genre? Halloween 2 pretty much nailed every one of the rules of a sequel that Randy talks about in Scream 2. Halloween 2 does not suck. On the other hand, it is not quite as good as the first film…. Read More