Tripping Through Gateways


Game Night introduces the viewer to Max and Annie, a couple that are a very competitive team in games. Any game. Trivia, board games, whatever.  It shows us a series of events leading to the present, framing their relationship in this light of their aggressive “We have to Win Spirit”. One night Max’s older brother invites he and some friends over for a special game. It is a kidnapping  mystery hunt, in… Read More

Following the smashing success of the Lord of the Rings films, Jackson had the cred to get a pet project off the ground.  A remake of 1933’s classic King Kong.  He wanted to make an epic, and it is far from the cheesey camp of the 1976 film starring Jessica Lang, Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin. Instead of updating the location to modern times, Jackson meticulously recreates 1930s New York.  He introduces… Read More