Tripping Through Gateways


Senator Ransom Stoddard and his wife have come back to their home town to pay respects to his late friend Tom Doniphon. Some wonder why a famous senator is attending the funeral of a man who seems not to really be of any note. A persistent reporter convinces the reluctant senator to give him an interview.  Stoddard made his name by killing the notorious Liberty Valance years earlier. But there is a… Read More

Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life was not a hit when released, yet it managed to become a classic.  Due to copyright errors the film became a Christmas mainstay, cementing it as a Christmas Classic.  And that is alright by me. It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful dark fairy-tale.  It focuses on George Bailey, a guy full of big hopes and dreams, for whom none get realized.  There is always something… Read More