Tripping Through Gateways


Every so often, someone decides it is time to start up a franchise. Rather than a reboot or a remake, when they announced Jumanji (starring that Robin Willims-esque Dwayne the Rock Johnson) it was decided that they would make a sequel. The film clearly establishes itself as set in the same universe as the Robin Williams movie late in the film. The film opens with a jogger finding the board game on… Read More

Following the smashing success of the Lord of the Rings films, Jackson had the cred to get a pet project off the ground.  A remake of 1933’s classic King Kong.  He wanted to make an epic, and it is far from the cheesey camp of the 1976 film starring Jessica Lang, Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin. Instead of updating the location to modern times, Jackson meticulously recreates 1930s New York.  He introduces… Read More