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Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)

So, the Hunt was meant to be released last year, but after a mass shooting and leaks about plot specific information led to people declaring this movie should not be released, including a condemnation from the impeached President of the United States. And so… Continue Reading “Woke Culture (The Hunt, 2020)”

Interference (Blockers, 2018)

Honestly, when I heard about a film focusing parents trying to stop their daughters from fulfilling a sex pact on prom night? I cringed. The boys get American Pie where their quest is validated…but for the girls it is all about stopping them? It… Continue Reading “Interference (Blockers, 2018)”

Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)

Netflix has been focusing hard on original material over the past few years, especially now as they face the future of no Disney films.  Bright is their first foray into high concept, high budget action fantasy. They brought together notorious Internet personality Max Landis… Continue Reading “Fantasy Nation (Bright, 2017)”

The Mother Daughter Bond (Snatched, 2017)

When I first saw announcements for the Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn vehicle Snatched…I cringed.  Kidnapping for laughs is kind of a weird one.  And one that has been pretty done to death.  Kidnapping for comedy films are, of course, very divorced from the… Continue Reading “The Mother Daughter Bond (Snatched, 2017)”