Tripping Through Gateways


As with every sequel, things must get bigger and louder.  Unlike the first film, the danger really comes from within.  Tony is obsessed with changing the way things are done by building a peace keeping for that will put an end to the need for the Avengers.  He has been working on an A.I. to watch over the world and prevent tragedy.  Even as the Avengers are in action, he has Iron… Read More

Truthfully, the idea of “get the visionary behind Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to direct this film”  struck me as brilliant.  So I went into this film with a bias towards it. Hulk is definitely made more for the comic reader than the person who loved the show as a kid.  That said, it takes great liberties.  Liberties are not bad, and sometimes are greatly understandable.  Especially considering that the Hulk had decades… Read More