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Is it the End of an Era?

Stabbing the Franchise (Elektra, 2005)

No. Just…no. I refuse to review this. Stop looking at me.  I will not review it. Absolutely no way. Oh, OK…I finally sat through Catwoman…it seems unfair to avoid Elektra. The film opens with General Zod telling us that Elektra is important to the… Continue Reading “Stabbing the Franchise (Elektra, 2005)”

Super Heroes All Grown Up…

Jeet Heer has made a rather thoughtful piece on the “grown up-ness” of Super-hero films.  This is not an entirely new phenomenon, after all, the Burton Batman films faced criticism of being to scary.  But yet, the family friendly super-hero film does seem to… Continue Reading “Super Heroes All Grown Up…”