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The Myth, the Legend… (Hercules, 2014)

The film begins by detailing the great legends of Hercules.  As a child he defeats snakes sent by a jealous Hera. He fought the Hydra.  He defeated the Erymanthian Boar.  The Nemean Lion.  We discover this is a tale being told to some pirates about… Continue Reading “The Myth, the Legend… (Hercules, 2014)”

Gene Splicing (X3:The Last Stand, 2006)

X-2 was how you build upon a decent movie to make a great second film creating excitement for your franchise.  Annnnnnd this one is how you screw it up. It all starts with Warner Brothers deciding that their superhero films were missing a vital… Continue Reading “Gene Splicing (X3:The Last Stand, 2006)”