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Super Cops III (Bad Boys for Life, 2020)

Who wasted a perfect title for a fourth film???? Seriously people… Bad Boys 4 Life. Seventeen years after the last film, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back. A little older, a bit…um…thicker…but they are back. Burnett is desperate to retire and spend time… Continue Reading “Super Cops III (Bad Boys for Life, 2020)”

Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)

The Boys are back. The bickering couple stuff returns.  The hot babes as props returns.  The Gay subtext of the relationship of Lowrey and Burnett is here again. The fast and confusing visuals are back. Honestly, I found the second Bad Boys film painfully… Continue Reading “Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)”