Tripping Through Gateways


So, remember that movie Shallow Hal? Renee Bennett is an average girl in an average life…who always always wished to be as beautiful as the models on magazines who advertise for her employer high end makeup producer Lily LeClaire. One day at a Soul Cycle Session she gets a hit to the head and awakens to find she is suddenly one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen. Perfect body and… Read More

The Big Sick is a fictionalized account of the beginning of the relationship of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, writer/producer Emily V. Gordon.  Kumail plays himself while Zoe Kazan takes on the fictional version of Emily. Kumail grew up in Pakistan and his family wants him to marry a nice young Muslim Pakistani woman.  He is not really sure what he wants or even believes.  But he humors his mothers attempts… Read More